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Clear Silicone Scar Tape

Clear Silicone Scar Tape

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Specification 4cm*1.5m

Effective scar removal: smoothes scars
Improves redness: reduces redness and itching
Improves skin: Improves discoloration and texture
Works on all scars: Works on old and new scars
Breathable and not stuffy: breathable thin fabric

how to use:
1 - Clean dry scarred area.
2 - Cut the scar sheet according to the size and shape of the scar.
3 - Remove the liner from the adhesive side of the scar sheet.
4 - Gently press the scar mask on the scarred area. There was no exudation and scabbing for 1-2 weeks after excision of Stites, and a scar film was attached to the scar after surgery. You can apply it to older scars right away.


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