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AXOLOM Pico Lifelike STP Packer - 2.5" Shaft

AXOLOM Pico Lifelike STP Packer - 2.5" Shaft

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Discover the unmatched convenience of AXOLOM Pico STP, expertly designed for adults seeking a smaller, more compact packing solution in AXOLOM FTM STP family.

Compact Efficiency:

Ideal for daily use, the Pico has a minimalist design, ensuring efficiency without compromising on discretion or performance.

Pico designs
The Pico includes a meticulously designed cup and funnel system that guarantees flawless performance.

Durable and Lifelike Aesthetics:

The Pico STP features a realistic aesthetic with a built-in red head and balls, crafted from silicone materials that ensure the colors remain vibrant and never fade. 
(Due to the hand-made production process, each item may exhibit slight variations, making every Pico STP unique.)
AXOLOM Pico back


The Pico has a 2.5" length, 1.1" diameter shaft. Ultra-light with weight of 75g.
Pico STP dimension

 Shaft Length:  2.5" ( 6.4 cm )
 Shaft Diameter:  1.1" ( 2.8 cm )
 Cup Width:  1.9" ( 4.8 cm )
 Weight:  75g ( 2.6 oz. )

Color Options:
With 8 color options available, the Pico allows you to choose the shade that best matches your personal style and skin tone.
Pico STP colors


The Pico STP is the only one that is made specifically for this section of our community seeking smaller, more natural and age-appropriate sized STPs

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