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Axolom Cokit Soft Lifelike Packer 3.5" Shaft

Axolom Cokit Soft Lifelike Packer 3.5" Shaft

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Axolom Cokit Soft FTM Packer9 cm, a game-changing ultra-realistic soft packing gear designed with the comfort and confidence of transgender men in mind. This exceptional product is here to help alleviate bottom dysphoria, providing a discreet and empowering solution.



Shaft Length:  3.54"(9 cm)
 Shaft Diameter: 1.46"(3.7 cm)
 Width: 2.64"(6.7 cm)
 Weight: 193g(6.8 oz


(Below image only shows dimensions, No paintings on this item.)


This entails layering colors as we pour the silicone into the mold, so that the hues of colors won’t rub off, as they are part of the silicone production process. Each one is hand-poured, adding detailed colors to the head, shaft, and balls to create natural-looking skin tones and nuances. Each one will be unique due to the hand pouring. The base color will still be your choice C1-C8.  Then our choice of natural-looking layered colors will be introduced to the molding process. ( No painted veins.)

Girth, Length, and Balls Size:

  Axolom Cokit FTM Soft Packer - Two Size Variants: Cokit and Cokit Mini

1.  Big Packer (9 cm): 

   - The  Axolom Cokit FTM Soft Packer is available in a generous 9 cm size, which is celebrated as the "Big Packer." This variant is designed to offer users a more substantial, authentic experience. Notably, the Big Packer features a unique pleasure hole for added sensation and comfort, enhancing the overall user experience.

2.  Small Packer (7.5 cm): 

   - The  Axolom Cokit Mini FTM Soft Packer also offers a smaller 7.5 cm option, referred to as the "Small Packer." This variant is ideal for those who prefer a more compact and subtle packing experience. The Small Packer does not include a pleasure hole, providing a sleek and discreet design for everyday wear.

These two size variants cater to the diverse preferences and needs of transgender men, allowing them to select the  Axolom Cokit Mini that best aligns with their comfort and authenticity requirements. Whether seeking a larger, more realistic experience or a compact and subtle solution, Axolom provides options for everyone.

-   Girth:   The  Axolom Cokit Mini comes in a range of girth sizes, catering to individual preferences and comfort levels.

 Length:   You can choose from various length options, allowing you to find the size that suits your body and style.

-   Balls Size:   The packer features realistic testicles, providing that genuine, masculine look and feel.

Introducing our latest addition to the Axolom store - an extraordinary line of Soft Skin Tone Packers (STPs) that redefine comfort and realism. These STPs stand out from our existing product range for their remarkable softness, setting a new standard in the world of prosthetic devices. Unlike the STPs you may currently have from us, these offerings are notably softer, providing an unparalleled level of comfort and natural feel.

Our Soft Skin Tone Packers are thoughtfully designed to mimic the texture and suppleness of real skin, ensuring a more authentic and lifelike experience for our valued customers. We take pride in the quality and attention to detail that has gone into crafting these exceptional STPs.


The speciality of the  Axolom Cokit lies in its ultra-realistic, soft, and pliable design. Crafted from 100% body-safe silicone, this packer is exceptionally soft and lifelike, helping transgender men feel a deep sense of connection with their masculinity. It is tailored for those who have grown their clitoris by approximately 1 inch, offering a more customized experience.

Why Trans Guys Need a Soft FTM Packer?

Transgender men face unique challenges, including bottom dysphoria. The  Axolom Cokit Mini Soft Packer is here to address these challenges and provide a solution. Here's why you should consider getting one:

  1.   Comfort and Confidence: The soft and ultra-realistic design of the  Axolom Cokit Mini ensures that you feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. It's a crucial tool to help alleviate bottom dysphoria and enhance your self-esteem.
  1.   Authenticity:   The packer is crafted to mimic the natural male anatomy, allowing you to feel more in tune with your true self and your own body.
  1.   Discreet and Convenient:   Unlike stand-to-pee packers, the  Axolom Cokit Mini is designed for discreet use in public without the need for complex positioning or concerns about wetness afterwards.

How to Use and Position a FTM Packer?

Using the  Axolom Cokit Mini Soft FTM Packer is easy and comfortable:

  1. Preparation: Ensure the packer is clean and dry before use.
  1. Placement: Gently position the  Axolom Cokit Mini in your underwear or harness. Find the spot that feels most comfortable and authentic for you.
  1. Wearing Underwear:   For the best experience, consider using Axolom packing underwear or any packing-specific underwear designed to hold the packer securely.
  1. Adjustment: Fine-tune the position to your liking, making sure it feels comfortable and looks natural.

Using It with Axolom Packing Underwear:

Axolom Packing Underwear is specially designed to provide support and security for your  Axolom Cokit Mini. Here's how to use them together:

  1. Put on the Underwear:   Begin by putting on your Axolom Packing Underwear, which typically includes a special pouch or pocket to secure the packer.
  1. Insert the Packer:   Carefully insert the  Axolom Cokit Mini into the pouch of the underwear. Ensure it's positioned comfortably against your body.
  1. Adjustment: Fine-tune the packer's position within the pouch to achieve a comfortable fit that suits your needs.

The  Axolom Cokit Soft FTM Packer is more than just a product; it's a tool for empowerment, helping you feel more confident, comfortable, and authentic in your gender identity. Embrace your true self with this user-friendly, ultra-realistic solution designed to reduce bottom dysphoria and enhance your daily life.

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