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Axolom Cokit Mini Soft Realistic FTM Packer 3" Shaft

Axolom Cokit Mini Soft Realistic FTM Packer 3" Shaft

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Axolom Cokit Mini Soft FTM Packer -7.5 cm, a game-changing ultra-realistic soft packing gear designed with the comfort and confidence of transgender men in mind. This exceptional product is here to help alleviate bottom dysphoria, providing a discreet and empowering solution.

Cokit Mini
  • Ultra-soft texture for maximum comfort
  • Realistic design with detailed vein and fold imprints
  • Molded-in red head and balls
Cokit Mini detail


Shaft Length:

  2.95" ( 7.5 cm )

Shaft Diameter:

1.26" ( 3.2 cm )


2" ( 5.3 cm )


120g ( 4.23 oz )

Cokit size

Introducing our latest addition to the Axolom store - an extraordinary line of Soft Skin Tone Packers (STPs) that redefine comfort and realism. These STPs stand out from our existing product range for their remarkable softness, setting a new standard in the world of prosthetic devices. Unlike the STPs you may currently have from us, these offerings are notably softer, providing an unparalleled level of comfort and natural feel.

Our Soft Skin Tone Packers are thoughtfully designed to mimic the texture and suppleness of real skin, ensuring a more authentic and lifelike experience for our valued customers. We take pride in the quality and attention to detail that have gone into crafting these exceptional STPs.

Color Options:

Girth, Length, and Balls Size:

  Axolom Cokit Mini FTM Soft Packer - Two Size Variants: 

1.  Big Packer (9 cm): 

   - The  Axolom Cokit FTM Soft Packer is available in a generous 9 cm size, which is celebrated as the "Big Packer." This variant is designed to offer users a more substantial, authentic experience. Notably, the Big Packer features a unique pleasure hole for added sensation and comfort, enhancing the overall user experience.

2.  Small Packer (7.5 cm): 

   - The  Axolom Cokit Mini FTM Soft Packer also offers a smaller 7.5 cm option, referred to as the "Small Packer." This variant is ideal for those who prefer a more compact and subtle packing experience. The Small Packer does not include a pleasure hole, providing a sleek and discreet design for everyday wear.

These two size variants cater to the diverse preferences and needs of transgender men, allowing them to select the  Axolom Cokit Mini that best aligns with their comfort and authenticity requirements. Whether seeking a larger, more realistic experience or a compact and subtle solution, Axolom provides options for everyone.

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