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AXOLOM Classic Realistic FTM Packer 3" Shaft

AXOLOM Classic Realistic FTM Packer 3" Shaft

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A lifelike version of AXOLOM Classic Packer. This user-friendly model is designed to mimic the natural appearance of a circumcised penis, replete with beautifully detailed veins and folds.

AXOLOM Classic

It features an ultra-soft texture and boasts a gently curved back to nestle effortlessly against the pubis for unmatched comfort, promising a convincing packing experience that you just might find irresistible.

Classic packer details

This entails layering colors as we pour the silicone into the mold, so that the hues of colours won’t rub off, as they are part of the silicone production process. Each one is hand-poured, adding detailed colors to the head and balls to create natural-looking skin tones and nuances.

Each one will be unique due to the hand pouring.


  • Ultra-soft texture for maximum comfort
  • Realistic design with detailed vein and fold imprints
  • Molded-in red head and balls.


AXOLOM Classic Packer Dimension
    Shaft Length: 3.07" (8.5 cm)
    Total Length: 4.13" (10.5 cm)
    Diameter: 1.42" (3.6 cm)
    Weight: 6.53 oz (185 g)


    Color Options:

    8 tones available, get your best-matched one.

    Color options
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