Mesh Back Binders

Mesh Back Binders

Updates on Tmart's mesh back binders.

Documenting the process of designing and producing the mesh back binders.


Pre Order Phase 1: June

The June pre order phase was use to collect size data and gauge what sizes to be made for the first big batch of binders. 

During this time period fabric was picked out. Features were fine tuned. Samples were made and tested. 

Packaging was worked on. Going with biodegradable packaging so we aren't adding a bunch of trash to the planet. 

During this phase Tmart paid close attention to make sure everything was ethical and good for humans and the planet.


Pre Order Phase 2: July

The first business day was Monday July 3rd. Quickly gathered the pre order data and placed the big order with the factory. A final sample was shipped out on 7/4. Should be here on 7/7. It is expected to be the final product. After the ok is given hundreds will be produced!


7/7 Update: 

Sample was inspected and we doubled the order to meet the demand! The first 200 should be made in shipped to Tmart in 25 days. You will quickly get your binder a few days after that if you are in the continental US. We will package and ship them as soon as they come in. 

7/23 Update:

Today the factory said they will be finishing up 200 binders and have them shipped out to Tmart this week. 

7/28 Update:

Unfortunately there was a typhoon at the factory and production had to stop. Everyone is safe and the binders are fine. This will just cause a delay of a couple days to about a week.


8/1 Update:

The binders are done! Packed up and about to be shipped from the factory today. They should be here Monday 8/7.


Pre Order Phase 3: August 

8/4 Update:

The binders came early packing up orders and they will start shipping out on Monday.


8/7 Update:

A ton of binders were sent out today, everyone that ordered in June, and will be delivered 8/8 to 8/12. We are working around the clock to get all the binders out. Trying to get every pre order shipped this week. 


The pre order period is over but we are extending the sale to get a binder for $19.99 until 8/13 at midnight EST.


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