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Slicone scar gel sheets

Slicone scar gel sheets

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LANBENA high quanlity silicone scar removal gel sheets





1 piece(5.91*1.57*0.02inches)/pack



Self-adhesive silicone film dressing has been medically proven to improve red raised, old or new scars. After patient experience, this product could improve the scar. The surface of the scar becomes soft, flat and lightened. Self-adhesive silicone film dressing can
also be used immediately after the wound is completely healed, which can help prevent formation of red bumps scar. 


Shelf Life 

3 years


Skin Types

Suitable for various skin types



Easy to apply and remove. Our scar removal sheets are soft, lightweight, and breathable, allowing comfort wearing for 24 hours. They can be used all day and night with clothes on without leaving any residue behind. Forget about discomfort while wearing and peeling sheets off.

Method of storage  Store in a dry environment (below 25"C).
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